Excelite Dome Products Range

    The strongest dome in the world
    360 degree view

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  • Why Excelite Dome?

    Different with Gelodesic dome, and bubble tent, Excelite dome is made out of polycarbonate sheet, 5mm, it's possibly the most strongest plastic in the world. The impact resistance is 200 times than glass, polycarbonate sheet is one of the main material for bulletproof panel.


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    glamping domes
  • Immerse yourself in the nature

    suitable for all climate, all year around

  • Dome Applications

    Our dome sizes range from 2m up to 9m, great for glamping pods, resturants, backyards lounge
    greenhouse, home and office.

    Wedding Dome

    Wedding Dome




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    Restaurant & Cafe Dome 

    Restaurant & Cafe Dome 

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    SPA Dome

    SPA Dome

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    Glamping & Tents Dome

    Glamping & Tents Dome

    garden dome

    Garden Dome

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  • Excelite Dome Range

  • Benefits of Excelite Dome


    Different with bubble tent or Geo dome, Excelite Glamping dome made of polycarbonate sheet, 5mm.

    Bubble tent or Geodesic dome both made of PVC film,1mm. PC sheet is a very high impact material, UV protected, No chemical odor as PVC.

    10 years lifespan. Safe for wild area.

    Unique Design

    Different sizes domes can be connected easily

    360 degree transparent

    Curtain to block the sun and keep your privacy

    Big thermoformed panel, easy to install or breakdown

    Good insulation, no water leakage, stand very heavy snow and wind

    Easy Setup & Mobility

    Excelite Dome is very easy to install, you can easily assemble a 3.5m domes by 2-3 persons, in 2-3 hours.

    It only take 30 mins to break it down, so it’s a portable Glamping Dome, you can move it easily from one place to another.

  • Customer Testimonials

    “Aurora Domes were amazing and romantic experience and I recommend it to everyone. We had dinner in the small and cosy restaurant, the menu were quite compact but the food tasted delicious. Breakfast was plentiful and tasty too. For one night it was lovely experience and felt like a fairy-tale. It is quite far from everything else so one night was enough for us, no other restaurants near by”



    “Greatest stay in Torassieppi. The staff were lovely and caring, and the dome was absolutely stunning - it feels like you're laying on top of the water, but in a cosy warm room. A unique experience! The restaurant had great food for dinner and the breakfast buffet had plenty of options. We booked the reindeer farm tour and got to see reindeers close by, as well as learning a lot about the Finnish culture. Highly recommended place to stay & town.”



    “The Dome is simply incredible. When my wife saw the property she started to cry, that's how happy she was. Looking at the lake from the bed with wood burning in the fireplace close to bed wo so great!!!”



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