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  • Glamping Dome

    Excelite Glamping Dome is made out of polycarbonate sheet, the same material used for engineering-grade bulletproof glass and fighter-jet cockpits. Excelite Glamping Dome also come with a circle of Aluminum base profile.


    Excelite Glamping Dome is a solid, hard dome. 100% clear, with a 360-degree transparent view. It’s UV protected and unbreakable, with a smart lock offer you a safe security and access control. The manual curtain in the round offers you necessary privacy, meanwhile, there is an automatic curtain on the roof to cut the sunshine when the sun is very strong, and you can simply push the button on your bed to see the stars through the clear rooftop.


    Excelite Glamping Dome is perfect for Glamping business, make your Glamping resort be the most eye catch one out of all different cabins or Glamping huts. The unique sleep under star experience definitely will give you a good memory. Your Glamping hotel will always be the most popular one with Excelite Glamping Dome.


    Excelilte Glamping Dome is perfect for restaurants or bars too. Imagine sitting in a heated out door igloo dome with a lake view or beach view, enjoy the winter sunshine, don’t worry about the rain or wind, even snow.


    Exclite Glamping Dome is perfect for private Garden as well. It can be your home office, children’s play area, stylish conservatory, garden lounge, family activity area, hot tub enclosure, etc.


    The most unique design for Excelite Glamping Dome is we have a wild range size of domes from 2m to 9m, and all the domes can connect to each other make it en-suit or a family room.


    Excelite Glamping Dome is very easy to install, you can easily assemble a 3m domes by 2 persons, in 1-2 hours. It only take 30 hours to break it down, so it’s a portable Glamping Dome, you can move it easily from one place to another.


    Compare to the Geodesic Dome, or Geo Dome, Excelite Glamping Dome used less metal profile, less joints. It’s solid and hard, and people won’t be easily to damage it or break into the dome. It’s more safer. And Excelite Glamping dome has 10 years lifespan. No massive color change or yellowish within 10 years.


    You don’t need always blow air in Excelite Glamping Dome like bubble tent. And Excelite Glamping Dome has windows, door windows for better ventilation. In the same time, you can use air conditioner to control the temperature, because Excelite Glamping Dome sealing property is excellent, it’s different with Safari Tent, the hot air or cold wind in the winter can come inside.

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    Excelite is a company specialized in polycarbonate sheet manufacturer for more than 20 years, we know this material very well. In the meantime, we have plenty of polycarbonate fabrication experience too, this is why we can make such a big dome by thermoforming.


    No matter you are planning start your Glamping business from the scratch or you want to expand your currently Glamping business, Excelite Glamping Dome definitely is one of your best choice.


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