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  • Event Dome

    Excelite event dome is a temporary and permanent structure. The biggest size is 9m, the height is 6m, it’s almost 70 sqm, suitable for 20-30 person. It’s totally transparent see-through dome. The main material is polycarbonate sheet, a 100% recyclable plastic, impact resistance for polycarbonate is super high, it’s 300 time than normal glass, and it’s UV protected. No smell, high fire rating, excellent insulation for noise and heat.


    No matter for Yoga studio, Celebration, School outdoor sports center or concert, festivals or weddings, Excelite is a good option. Different with geodesic dome, Excelite Event dome is solid, hard, and totally transparent. The wind and snow resistance are much higher than tent or geo dome.

    You can also use Excelite Event Dome as a living space in your Glamping resort. We can make two floors inside of the 9m dome, so total sqm inside is up to 90sqm, you can have 2 bedrooms or 3 bedrooms and 1 living room inside of this event dome, you gonna have lots of design ideas in this unique space. Even you can have a big slide from second floor. This can be a good place for people have parties or celebrations. It’s a real eye catcher!


    Excelite Event dome made of several pieces of polycarbonate thermoformed panels, with some aluminium profiles, it’s very easy to install. It only take 1-2 hours to install 3m dome, 2-3 hours to install 4-5m dome, one day to install the big 9 dome, it’s more easier to break it down. It’s portable, you can change the spot easily.


    Normally, we need a foundation for our Event domes, wooden deck with electricity and plumbing is perfect, it can also build on concrete ground too, as long as the ground is flat and even.

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    Excelite is a company specialized in polycarbonate sheet manufacturer for more than 20 years, we know this material very well. In the meantime, we have plenty of polycarbonate fabrication experience too, this is why we can make such a big dome by thermoforming.


    We normally keep all sizes domes in stock. We can ship Excelite Event Domes in a very short time. And we ship to worldwide. Give us a call or send us inquiry through Email. We will be there for you.


    Don’t hesitate, send us an Email or give us a call immediately, our professional staff will support you all the time.

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