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    glamping domes australia

    At Excelite, we bring you the finest range of glamping domes to enable you to maximise the functionality of your space. Versatile and created from quality components, our domes make the ideal option for the outdoors and offer the right balance of comfort and style. The domes are spacious and equipped with features to offer a comfortable and luxurious experience. If you have been looking for domes for sale, check out the options that we have for you. Available in different sizes and styles, our domes are priced competitively and are brimming with amazing details. Get in touch with us to explore the options.

    glamping domes australia

    Glamping Domes for Sale

    The luxurious range of glamping domes that we have is ideal for resorts, restaurant, bars and even private gardens. With our stylish domes in your resort, you can offer the fabulous experience of sleeping under the stars. Imagine offering your guests the luxury of sitting in a heated outdoor igloo dome with a lake view or beach view while enjoying the winter sunshine. You don’t have to limit your imagination and can enjoy the beauty of the outdoors just the way you want.

    You can even use the domes in the outdoor area of your home. It can be your home office, children’s play area, stylish conservatory, garden lounge, family activity area, hot tub enclosure, etc.

    glamping domes australia

    Wondering what makes our domes the right choice for your home or business?

    1. Excelite Glamping Dome is a solid, hard dome, 100% clear with a 360-degree transparent view.
    2. It is UV protected and unbreakable with a smart lock offering security and access control.
    3. The manual curtain in the round offers privacy while there is an automatic curtain on the roof to cut the sunshine when the sun is very strong. You can simply push the button on your bed to see the stars through the clear rooftop.
    4. It is easy to install. You can easily get a 3m dome assembled by two persons in 1-2 hours. It only takes 30 hours to break it down. It’s a portable Glamping Dome and you can move it easily from one place to another.
    5. Excelite Glamping domes have a lifespan of 10 years. There is no massive colour change or yellowish tinge within 10 years.
    6. Excelite Glamping Dome has windows, door windows for better ventilation. At the same time, you can use the air conditioner to control the temperature as the sealing property is excellent.
    glamping domes australia

    We have wide experience and a thorough understanding of the materials to offer glamping domes of the highest standards. Whether you want to start your glamping business from scratch or want to expand it, we have the right solutions for you. With our options, you can create a memorable getaway experience for your guests or add a stunning feature in the outdoor area of your property. To find out more about the glamping dome options, feel free to connect with us. We are waiting here to assist you and will be happy to take you through the options. Call us today.

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